EQ2 neues AddOn - Terrors of Thalumbra

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EQ2 neues AddOn - Terrors of Thalumbra

Beitrag von Lyonèsse » 5. Okt 2015 00:06

EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra
Deep underneath Norrath lies a realm on the edge of the Plane of the Underfoot, known as Thalumbra. This expansive, subterranean domain is home to fabled races and ancient terrors!

When the dark shroud upon this land is pierced by Lanys T'Vyl, the recently resurrected demigoddess of Malice, it spells doom for all! You are a hero on the stage of Norrath. Will you play your part and protect Norrath from those who seek to destroy it? What mysteries will your torch uncover deep beneath the surface? Can you withstand the terrors of Thalumbra?

Terrors of Thalumbra is the 12th EverQuest II expansion and brings new adventures to Norrath.
Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion Features:
  • Subterranean Overland Zone – Overland zone deep beneath Norrath’s surface… underland zone?!
  • Signature Quests – Special quests for both Adventure and Tradeskill players!
  • New Level Agnostic Dungeons – Brand new dungeons that scale for players 20-95
  • Upgrade Your Items – Through the new Infusion system!
  • New and Updated Deity System
  • New Best-in-Slot Relic Items
  • Heroic & Advanced Solo Dungeons, Challenging Raid Zones and a New Contested Zone for level 100s!
Here are the details of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion:
  • 1 large new Overland zone for level 100s
  • 13 Heroic Dungeons for level 100s (6 are event heroics!)
  • 6 Advanced Solo for level 100s
  • 1 Contested for level 100s
  • 5 Level Agnostic Heroic ToT Dungeons for levels 20 to 94 added to Dungeon Finder
  • (3) x4 (or 4 group) Raid zones (AT LEAST 5 bosses each) for level 100s
  • (1) x2 (or 2-group) Raid zone with 9 bosses for level 100s!
  • Over 80 quests including Signature line, tradeskills, locales, missions and more!
  • Over 50 Collection quests!
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