Tanking for Beginners

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Tanking for Beginners

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Tank Beginner Sets

Craftable Sets:
Torug's Pact
Fortified Brass

Overland Sets:
Plague Doctor

Dungeon Sets:
Ebon Armory - Group & Raid Buff (indicated by 3 red balls flying around you)

Monster Sets:
Swarm Mother

Armor, Traits, Mundus Stone, Bufffood

Armor Weight: Heavy or 5x Heavy, 1x Medium, 1x Light if Undaunted Mettle is unlocked - Skill line: Undaunted passive
Traits for armor: Infused, Sturdy, Reinforced

Weapons: Sword, Shield, Frost Staff
Traits for weapons: Infused, Sturdy, Decisive

Mundus Stone: The Lord

Bufffood: Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Potion: Essence of Live

Essential Taunt Skills

Pierce Armor IV - Skill line: One Hand and Shield
Inner Rage - Skill line: Undaunted
Tri Focus - Skill line: Destruction Staff passive

Dungeon Mechanics

As a tank you are defacto the leader of your group, it is important for you to know the mechanics of a dungeon - Dungeon Guides

Short Summary
  • Taunt the boss and his adds before doing anything else - always keep an eye on whether all opponents are still taunted by you
    • From distance with frost staff and/or run into the mobs and back again to bring them all together
    • From close up taunt with your skills
    • You don't have to taunt all trash mobs, they will die quickly anyway
    • Helpful addon: Untaunted
  • Bring the boss and the adds together at one place, so that they are not running out of DPS' AOE range. Don't run around with the boss like mad - it is easier for DPS and healers if you stay with the boss at one place. Of course only, if possible - boss mechanics sometimes might need another tactic.
  • Bring the boss looking towards you, so that the rest of the group is standing behind him
  • Do not only absorb damage, also block (watch the animation of heavy attacks of the boss), dodge and avoid - especially your healer will appreciate it
  • Debuff the boss
  • Buff your group
  • Don't forget bufffood, potions and repair kits
  • Keep being flexible, don't use fixed skill rotations like DPS: Adjust to the situation and control it
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